Super Star Longline Bra


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The perfect bra made with adjustable straps and created to show off your curves with our silhouette stitching. Whether its dancing on YouTube or needing a bra that can support you, this bra will make you feel comfy and supported. Match me with the Ruby Red 7/8 Legging here.

  • Padded
  • Adjustable Straps 
  • Med to High Support
  • Sweat-wicking matte material
  • Thick lower band for support
  • Made with our high compression Super Star material.
  • 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex

Please follow the care instructions on the inside label. We do not recommend drying on full heat as this may damage the elastic.

Sizes: XS-5X

Model Info - we do recommend sizing up if you don't want a compressive fit, as this is our most compressive fabric.

Haley is wearing a size S

  • Haley is 5'2", Bust: 34" Waist: 28.5" Hips: 38.5"

Allison is wearing a size 3X

  • Allison is 5'4", Bust: 50" Waist: 44" Hips: 54.5"

Customer Reviews

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So put in a review a few weeks ago under Celeste. I mentioned that the cups were too small. Well I was incorrect! The cups inside were folded up and once I opened them and put them back in the bra it was much better!! I still struggle because my girls are soo big but that’s any sports bra for those who feel me. <3 I would still recommend for the color and comfort but it is difficult to take off. You gotta pick and choose your battles! Also TFM has only had activebooty for what 2 years? So they have time to perfect their clothing and even then no article of clothing is perfect we all have different body shapes and needs!

Torey Katzmeyer

Super Star Longline Bra

I am hoping it will stretch….

First off, I love the Ruby color. I was needing a bra, for physical therapy, because my other bras have “spider web straps” as my PT calls them. I am in PT for manual manipulation of my ribs, that like to partially dislocate, and I wanted to try a new company, from people I like to watch online.

When I ordered, there was a review saying that the bra was good, but it was tight, with no give around the seams. That review was 100% correct. There is no give near any of the seams, and that makes it difficult to put on. It took help from my mom, some major effort, and some prayers to get it back off, with how tight it was, the first time.

Other than the tightness around the seams, making it hard to get on and off, the fabric is soft and comfortable. I wanted this to work out, so bad, because the concept was exactly what I needed for my physical therapy treatment. The execution needs stretchier seams.

Magali Godoy
I love it but

I really like this bra, I have being looking for sport bra for long time. Even that I like it I don’t love it. It runs very small.. it’s hard to put on and even harder to take it off, I have to ask my boyfriend everytime for help lol. But I do like the way it holds my girls. I think it would be better to have the option to adjust the contour, cause I can’t wear mine often just because of that

LOVE IT!! but.. :(

I’m obsessed with this bra. I listed to the reviews and sizes up especially because I *unfortunately* have larger than average breast. It’s the most annoying thing on my body. So this bra does offer coverage however, the cups on the inside are so small and they move around a lot. I’m sure this is because of my larger chest. I can’t imagine XS girls having the same issue lol. My breast do want to pop out during workouts and I have to be pulling it up BUT that’s just every work out top I’ve ever tried. I just leave this review for my other girls out there that have had the same problem all their life lol. I would love to try other bras from Active Booty I’ve seen the material is different on my leggings compared to the vault leggings so maybe that bra keeps them tighter and in place lol. But like I said this is almost every active wear. HOWEVER I LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT IT!! I love the color, the way it fits, the pocket everything!! I’m gonna be wearing this set every where even to run errands like at target, the bank, taking my recycling , LOL. I love TFM thank y’all for creative active wear for EVERYONE <3